We have welcomed clients from around the world for our Depression and Anxiety Retreats. Our results with our clients are testament to the effectiveness of the our Retreat program. Because our retreats offer a format of one-to-one CBT sessions every day, as well as meditation and mindfulness meditation technique training and yoga each day, progress begins immediately.

Retreat Benefits

  • Immediate, intensive CBT on a 1:1 basis, focusing solely on your issues with a highly experienced, multi-disciplined Clinical Psychologist; ongoing online sessions can be booked for continuation of treatment if desired;
  • Finish your CBT treatment in 8 to 10+ days, having a minimum of 16 hours of sessions. This would take 4 months if done as one session per week;
  • You will learn effective meditation techniques, including Mindfulness Meditation, and learn the benefits of incorporating meditation as part of your everyday life;
  • You will learn to improve your mental health and physical health through daily practices of meditation, mindfulness meditation and yoga;
  • You will leave with a much better understanding of yourself and your emotional triggers – one of the major CBT goals is for you to "become your own therapist" by learning skills that you can continue to practice after you’ve left your retreat.

We adhere to the NICE UK guidelines for psychotherapy. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends between 16 to 20 hours of CBT for mild to severe depression, for instance. Currently in the UK, 1 in 5 people referred for CBT psychotherapy have been waiting over one year for treatment from the NHS (Mind.org.uk, 2018).

What to expect
Options & Prices

Results with our clients achieve on average an 90% reduction in level of depression and a 90% reduction in anxiety levels after 17 hrs CBT and 17 hours of CMBT/Yoga (8–10 day Retreat).