What sets Depression and Anxiety Retreats apart is our depth of experience in clinical psychology with a focus on Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy. This experience translates into our client’s results – clients are experiencing on average a 90% decrease in their levels of depression and anxiety after an 8 to 10 + day stay. Our program is led by a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist who has over 18 years of multi-cultural mental health experience working in theUK, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Being led by a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist adds a higher level of expertise to your therapy. A Clinical Psychologist differs from a “psychotherapist” in their level of education and clinical expertise. Clinical psychologists undergo rigorous education and training in assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, testing and treatment. During their doctoral studies, they take coursework in diagnosis and assessment, but they also participate in supervised clinical internships. Clinical psychology deals with a wide range of mental health conditions and physical health problems including addiction, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues. A Clinical Psychologist willdraw on multiple therapeutic disciplines when providing therapy, and the personalized, 1:1 format means that your retreat program is designed and developed specifically for you.

Our clinical team offers extensive experience in treating adults,couples and adolescents. Each retreat addresses the issues specificto the client. These are intensive, reflective retreats which allow clientsto address emotional issues in serene, tropical environment.


Dr. Jeremy Alford's Simple & Effective Breathing Exercise

The impact stress has on our physiology - What we typically take for granted - An effective method of managing stress through an easy breathing exercise that can be applied anywhere and anytime.

Your Retreat program includes:

  • A highly experienced Clinical Lead overseeing your program and providing the 1:1 CBT;
  • Learning a range of Mindfulness and meditation practices in order to calm the mind and promote a healthier, happier mind;
  • Daily yoga sessions, at every level to suit, provides a mental calmness for both the body and the mind, and acts as the perfect compliment to the CBT and meditation practices;
  • Two Balinese massages over an 8 day/7 night stay.
Results with our clients achieve on average an 90% reduction in level of depression and a 90% reduction in anxiety levels after 17 hrs CBT and 17 hours of CMBT/Yoga (8–10 day Retreat).