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What sets Depression and Anxiety Retreats apart is our depth of experience in clinical psychology with a focus on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Our clinical team also uses a range of therapy modalities based on each client’s needs.
This experience translates into our client’s results – clients are experiencing on average a 90% decrease in their levels of depression and anxiety after a 12 to 14+ day stay. Our program is led by a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist who has over 25 years of multi-cultural mental health experience working in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Sue Nunley


Jeremy Alford PhD

Clinical Psychologist

our unique therapeutic approach

Combining meditation and mindfulness meditation training techniques, as well as yoga alongside CBT for their proven ability to calm the mind and promote positive mental health.

Being led by a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist adds a higher level of expertise to your therapy. A Clinical Psychologist differs from a psychotherapist in their level of education and clinical expertise.

Clinical psychologists undergo rigorous education and training in assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, testing and treatment. During their doctoral studies, they take coursework in diagnosis and assessment, but they also participate in supervised clinical internships.

Clinical psychology deals with a wide range of mental health conditions and physical health problems including addiction, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues. A Clinical Psychologist will draw on multiple therapeutic disciplines when providing therapy, and the personalized, 1:1 format means that your retreat program is designed and developed specifically for you.
Our clinical team offers extensive experience in treating adults, couples and adolescents. Each retreat addresses the issues specific to the client. These are intensive, reflective retreats which allow clients to address emotional issues in a serene environment. Retreat locations in both Bali and Cyprus have been selected based on the resort’s calming and luxurious setting.

Our program is intensive – each day you will see the Clinical Psychologist 1:1 for 2 hours. We recommend a minimum stay of 12 days as it provides 24 hours of 1:1 CBT over this period. Your initial consultation will allow the clinician to determine the number of days he believes would be beneficial based on what you’ve discussed.

We follow NICE Guidelines UK (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) when recommending your length of stay. For instance, NICE states that high-intensity psychological intervention for Generalized Anxiety Disorder would consist of 12-15 one-hour weekly sessions. This can take from 3 to 4 months to complete.
Our program is intensive and impactful. By coming away from everyday life to focus on improving your mental health in an environment of peace and calm – with a daily 1:1 program of CBT and yoga/meditation, the learning comes more quickly. And should you like to continue with CBT sessions once you’ve left the retreat, the Clinical Psychologist is available for online consultations.

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We do not accept bookings online for a very specific reason. The Clinical Psychologist will speak to you before your booking, allowing you to meet each other and discuss the issues you are facing in a bit more detail. It also allows us to determine if our program can be of benefit to you.

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