Personalized Retreats with Two Options

Our personalized retreats offer two options – All Inclusive Retreats or Day Therapy Retreats. Both options include 2 hours of 1:1 CBT with Dr. Jeremy each day as well as daily yoga and meditation instruction.

Personalized retreats mean we see only one client at a time and we have no fixed dates for retreats – we aim to accommodate your desired time to join us. You will receive a personalized retreat schedule before you begin.

All retreats take place at our chosen “host”  luxury resorts in Bali and Cyprus. Both resorts are very close to the beaches and coast lines. 

The All Inclusive Retreat option includes accommodation at our host resort. All meals are included as well as spa treatments, Tai Chi/Personal Training (depending on location) and airport transfers. Airport transfers are also included.

Some clients would rather choose their own accommodation and come to the host resort for their personalized daily therapies – this is called the Day Therapy option. Both options include 2 hours of 1:1 CBT each day with Dr. Jeremy combined with daily 1:1 yoga/meditation sessions (for all levels of experience). There is no group therapy.

Depression and Anxiety Retreats is a program of intensive CBT (not a destination). We are not a hospital nor a clinic and there are no doctors or nurses at the retreat. It is an intensive, reflective program and CBT requires “homework”, so clients spend time outside of their daily therapies on their own to do reading, journaling, relaxing, and the homework that is required for the CBT therapy process.

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Daily CBT Sessions
Daily CBT

You will speak to Dr. Jeremy before coming along to a retreat. This allows you to meet each and and discuss the issues you are facing in some detail. Dr. Jeremy will then recommend the number of days he feels will benefit you the most. You will receive your personalised programme schedule and suggested reading material prior to joining us.

Daily meditation and yoga sessions
Yoga & Meditation

We combine daily yoga and meditation to your daily CBT sessions as both serve as a therapeutic compliment to therapy. Delivered by certified professionals, yoga and meditation instruction is for all levels of experience. Residential clients will also have private 1:1 Tai Chi instruction (Bali) or Personal Fitness Training (Cyprus).

Spa Treatments
Spa Treatments

Residential clients enjoy inclusive massage treatments, to evoke a sense of calm.

intensive daily CBT therapy
Intensive Therapy

You will be able to complete your course of treatment over days rather than months, as is the traditional once-per-week approach. Over ten days, you will receive 20 hours of private therapy sessions with Dr. Jeremy. Depression and Anxiety Retreat clients are experiencing on average a 90% reduction in levels of depression and anxiety after a 12-14 day retreat.

Benefits of Doing Our Intensive Retreat

We have welcomed clients from around the world for our Depression and Anxiety Retreats. Our results with our clients are testament to the effectiveness of our program. Because our retreats offer a format of 1:1 CBT sessions every day, as well as yoga/meditation each day, progress begins immediately.

Currently in the UK, 1 in 5 people referred for CBT psychotherapy have been waiting over one year for treatment from the NHS (, 2018).

1:1 CBT

Immediate, intensive CBT on a 1:1 basis, focusing solely on your issues with a highly experienced, multi-disciplined Clinical Psychologist; ongoing online sessions can be booked for continuation of treatment if desired.


A minimum stay (required) of 12 days will provide 24 hours of CBT. Done as usual by having sessions on a weekly basis, this would take up to 6 months to complete. That does not include any waiting times if done via the NHS in the UK.


You will learn effective meditation techniques immediately and learn the benefits of incorporating meditation as part of your everyday life.


You will learn to improve your mental health and physical health through daily practices of meditation and yoga.


You will leave with a much better understanding of yourself and your emotional triggers – one of the major CBT goals is for you to "become your own therapist" by learning skills that you can continue to practice after you’ve left your retreat.


Mindfulness with balance stones

Clients have told us that after much time searching for just the right treatment at an affordable price, there is nowhere else in the world that offers a program quite like ours. 

We know first–hand the feelings of vulnerability that can arise when beginning new, never–before–tried experiences. Our desire is that our clients always feel secure and supported and we stop at nothing to make that a reality.
personalized yoga sessions


Stress Free Arrival

Residential Retreat clients will be met by the Resort’s driver, in the Arrivals Hall. Our driver will have your name and flight details on a sign and be looking out for you, he will escort you directly to your resort.


From the moment you arrive in at our host resorts, you will feel a sense of calm come over you.

Settle in and relax

With the journey behind you – a source of stress in itself for most of us – you can now settle in to proper, dedicated healing time for both your mind and your body.


The tranquillity our chosen resorts provides an ideal setting for the intensive program you will undertake.


The resorts’ superior chefs can cater to all tastes and provide nourishing and energizing cuisine.


Nutritional meals, fruit juices naturally organic vegetables combine to provide a fresh and healthy menu. Delicious meals, cold-pressed juices and snacks are all available to you during your stay.


COMO Uma Canggu, Bali

Our all-inclusive Residential CBT Retreats include:

All-inclusive residential CBT Retreat clients enjoy a fully catered stay with airport transfers included.

Yoga by the pool, COMO Uma Canggu, Bali

Our Day Therapy Retreats Include:

Day Therapy clients find their own accommodation and come to the host resort for their daily therapies. 

How it works

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We do not accept bookings online for a very specific reason. The Clinical Psychologist will speak to you before your booking, allowing you to meet each other and discuss the issues you are facing in a bit more detail. It also allows us to determine if our program can be of benefit to you.

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