Coming away for an intensive mental health retreat allows you to focus on the core issues that affect your mood and behavior. It provides the space needed to truly reflect on your own mental wellbeing.

Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a place that truly captures the senses. The sunshine is a mood enhancer and the environment for most clients is a world away from the everyday.

The prominent Hindu culture is manifested through the many offerings made to the guardian gods throughout the island. The sites, tastes and smells of Bali are enticing to both new and returning visitors; there is no place on Earth quite like it.

The tropical environment is conducive to mental healing with the sunshine, warm temperatures and beauty that surpasses expectations. Rice fields, stunning beaches, volcanic mountains – Bali has it all. The food is fantastic and it’s much easier to eat healthily in an environment like this!

Taking the time away from daily life and focusing solely on your mental health is something most of us need to do. Our desire is to offer clients a safe environment with a highly skilled Clinical Psychologist to work with and undertake this intensive course of CBT.

Our Accommodation

Our host resort is situated on Bali’s south coast — a beachfront destination offering panoramic views of the soft volcanic sand and rolling waves. This luxury resort in Canggu — an area liked for its laid-back café scene and surf waves — offers stylish accommodation, exceptional cuisine and an environment that epitomizes the feeling of calm.


COMO Uma Canggu, Bali

Our all-inclusive Residential CBT Bali Retreat includes:

All-inclusive residential CBT Retreat clients enjoy a fully catered stay with airport transfers included.

USD $1000.00

Per day
Yoga by the pool, COMO Uma Canggu, Bali

Our Bali Day Therapy Retreat includes:

Day Therapy clients find their own accommodation and come to the host resort for their daily therapies. 

USD $725.00

Per day

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We do not accept bookings online for a very specific reason. The Clinical Psychologist will speak to you before your booking, allowing you to meet each other and discuss the issues you are facing in a bit more detail. It also allows us to determine if our program can be of benefit to you.

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