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Discover Excellence: Award-Winning Depression & Anxiety Retreats

Discover Transformation at Depression & Anxiety Retreats - Your Premier Intensive CBT Program in Bali and Cyprus

Dive into Effective Healing with Intensive CBT at Our Award-Winning Retreats

Experience transformative Intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) led by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeremy Alford, PhD, boasting over 25 years of expertise in treating diverse mood and anxiety disorders. Our retreats are designed to be immersive, providing 1.5 hours of personalized 1:1 CBT sessions with Dr. Jeremy daily.

Why Choose Our Intensive CBT Program?

Expert Guidance: Dr. Jeremy Alford, with a wealth of experience, leads our program with a focus on individualized care.

Evidence-Based Approach: CBT is at the core of our program, recommended as the frontline treatment for depression, anxiety, and various mental health conditions by NICE Guidelines (UK).

Holistic Treatment: In addition to CBT, Dr. Jeremy incorporates other clinically proven modalities as needed for a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Explore the excellence of our retreats recognized for their effectiveness. Contact us today to arrange a personalized consultation with Dr. Jeremy Alford and take the first step toward your transformative healing journey.

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UK Enterprise Awards 2023
Best International Mental Health Retreat

An intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) retreat program for depression and anxiety and a range of mental health issues.

Depression & Anxiety Retreats is an intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) retreat program based in Bali and Cyprus. Therapy is provided by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeremy Alford, PhD who has over 25 years experience treating a range of mood and anxiety disorders. Our retreats are intensive, offering 1.5 hours each day of 1:1 CBT with Dr. Jeremy.

We use CBT at the core of our program as it is the recommended frontline treatment for depression and anxiety plus other mental health conditions (NICE Guidelines, UK). Where appropriate, Dr. Jeremy uses other clinically proven modalities as part of the treatment plan.

Daily personalized yoga and meditation sessions serve as the perfect adjunct to the intensive CBT you will be doing. Both are proven to help improve mood and will serve to calm your mind throughout your retreat.

We offer an upfront free-of-charge online meeting with Dr. Jeremy so you can meet and discuss the issues you are currently facing. There is no obligation to come along to our retreat program after speaking with Dr. Jeremy.

Whether you have had therapy before or are thinking of starting for the first time, our retreats are personalized and focused, specific to your own needs. You are able to do a course of therapy over days rather than months. We see only one client at a time at our retreats and we generally recommend a minimum stay of ten days (which provides 20 hours of CBT over the period).

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On average our clients achieve a 90% reduction in levels of depression and anxiety after just 18-21 hours of CBT

Two Retreat Options

All Inclusive Retreats

Day Therapy Retreats

Effective Mental Health Treatment

Whether you have had psychotherapy before or interested in beginning therapy for the first time, our Bali and Cyprus CBT retreats have proven highly effective in treating a range of mental health conditions including but not limited to.


Our retreats are extremely flexible and bespoke programs be developed according to individual needs

12-Day (Minimum) Retreats Providing

24 hours of 1:1 CBT sessions with the Clinical Psychologist

24 hours 1:1 personal Meditation/Mindfulness & Yoga instruction

A personalized daily schedule will be provided once your retreat is confirmed.

Depression & Anxiety Retreats

Our personalized retreats offer two options and both options include 1.5 hours of 1:1 CBT each day plus daily yoga and meditation instruction.

Providing a first class service

With your journey behind you the moment you arrive at our host resorts you will immediately feel a sense of calm come over you.

Adhering to NICE UK guidelines

NICE UK states that the average number of CBT hours required for a generalized anxiety disorder, for instance, is 16–20 hours in total.

Psychotherapy in paradise

Why are Depression & Anxiety Retreats so effective?

Though we utilize clinically tested methods of treatment, the environment is unlike any clinical experience you may have had. Our host resorts offer a safe, contained environment — a place where you can feel secure and cared for.

Our Retreats are intensive, healing holidays – the complete antithesis of the clinical, in–patient experience.