Depression & Anxiety


Common Questions

Our frequently asked questions responses will help you to prepare for your retreat and what to expect when you come for the program.

Through your free of charge online consultation with the Psychologist, he will decide on whether our program can be beneficial for you. He may ask you to fill in an online form(s) in order to complete his assessment. The Clinical Psychologist will then advise on the number of days he feels would be of most benefit to you, based on your discussion and feedback.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds, women and men, and from many countries around the world. We only ever see one client or one couple at a time, allowing for a personalized CBT therapy program which is tailored to the needs of the client. Some clients have had psychotherapy before, but perhaps not CBT. Others have never had any previous experience of psychotherapy. We also have clients that are still seeing a mental health professional at home but have decided to take time out for an intensive course of CBT combined with Mindfulness Meditation technique training and yoga.

Your first point of contact is to send us an email expressing your interest to

Please feel free to provide any background information that you think would be relevant for the Clinical Psychologist to know prior to your online consultation, though it’s not necessary to do so. Our retreat Director will respond to your email and will introduce you to the Psychologist for your online consultation. The Psychologist will then contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient day and time for your meeting. Please also let us know where you are located so that any time difference with Bali can be accounted for.

We will assist you in providing available dates for both the All-Inclusive Retreat and/or Day Therapy. Once you’ve agreed dates, you will be invoiced for the full amount of the retreat if you will be joining within a four weeks of start date; if you are booking 5 weeks or more in advance, we require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. If you’re paying a deposit, the balancing payment will be due four weeks prior to your start date. Please note: We require proof of your payment transfer before being able to confirm your retreat. This can be sent by email as a photo of your receipt. Once your payment has arrived in Bali, we will email you a receipt.

Our retreats are casual and the weather in Bali is warm to HOT! You can research average temperatures for Bali online, but the average temperature throughout the year is 26°C. Bring comfortable summer clothing, flip flops, swimwear, suntan cream and sunglasses. Also bring with you any suggested reading materials that have been advised. Our host resorts are beautiful and provide all modern amenities and WiFi throughout.

Your daily CBT sessions generally begin around 9:30am and last for two hours each day. Your meditation and mindfulness meditation sessions as well as yoga sessions will be done throughout the rest of the day. In between therapies, you will have time on your own to do the “homework” that is required for the CBT process, as well as for reading, journaling and relaxing. All meals are taken at the resort’s restaurant (serving organic and gluten free meals).